As I was studying up for interviews I came across an interview question asking me to define hoisting. Many sites defined hoisting as “JavaScript’s default behavior of moving declarations to the top.” I could just quote this answer back for interviews, but then I started to ask myself: What does “moving declarations to the top” actually mean? What about JavaScript causes hoisting to occur and when does this actually happen? How would learning this concept help me become a better engineer?

To better understand hoisting, I knew I had to better understand what happens under-the-hood in JavaScript. When the computer…

What is a Progressive Web Application?

A Progressive Web Application (otherwise known as a PWA) is a website that looks and feels like an application. The great thing about PWAs are that they are device agnostic, so you can use them on both desktop and mobile devices without switching up the code base.

What are the benefits of using a Progressive Web Application?

There are several benefits that come with choosing a PWA for the users, the business and the developers. PWAs provide users shorter loading time and good app performance even on poor networks. Theses benefits users see translate…

Elizabeth Woodhouse

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